David and Clarissa


“Working with Vira was amazing. When we first started working together, we had grand – but perhaps unfocused – ideas of what we wanted our wedding to look like. Vira listened to us, helped tease out what we were really looking for, and then helped us develop a plan to make it all happen. Whether that was offering advice on vendor coordination or explaining to us the importance of clear, friendly signage, Vira was the calm, rational presence we needed to make our wedding fun for us and our guests.

We would encourage anyone planning a wedding or any big event to please connect with Vira. She’s smart, she’s friendly, and she knows how to plan work ahead of time so your big day is a success. Throughout the planning process, Vira got to know us as a couple and she cared about making sure our wedding day reflected who we were and allowed us to relax and enjoy it. Our big day was a total success on all fronts, and we couldn’t have done it without Vira.”